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something more than make believe

is all i can hope this will ever be

4 May 1986
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I'M MIKE RAY. i'm 22 and i'm from houston, texas. i'm in a band called The HIT. i'm a junior at OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY. i am double-majoring in sports media broadcasting and new-editorial journalism, and i might minor in music. i'm really enjoying school -- but ultimately i'd like to play music for a living.

MY ENTIRE LIFE consists of sports and music. i love going to shows. i'll go to almost any sporting event -- by myself if i have to. i will write for sports illustrated or alternative press someday. or rolling stone. or spin. or all of them. and if you don't see my name there you'll see me on ESPN. or MTV. i am currently an assistant sports editor for the daily o'collegian at OSU.

I PLAY GUITAR, hopefully for a living. i play lead guitar and sing occasionally in the hit -- look for an EP from us sometime this fall. in 2005 & 2006 i was in a band called the composure based out of Tulsa in which i played lead guitar and sang backing vocals as well. i also spent a short time playing bass for Artist vs Poet during the summer of 2008. i have a side project called FORWARDPROGRESS, which may or may not ever see the light of day.

I LOVE TO DRIVE -- no matter where the destination. i just love being behind the wheel of a car. i've driven over 65,000 miles just to go to concerts -- i really wasn't joking when i said that music was my life. not to mention the numerous road trips to OSU sporting events that i take each year.

I HATE CHOCOLATE -- (most of it at least). unless it's mixed with something (peanut butter, caramel, etc) -- i won't eat it. cookie dough does not count as something. regular plain sugar cookies are SO much better.

I LOVE NICE JEANS. i've wore a air of lucky's 600+ times and they've now fallen apart and been sewn back together -- only to begin falling apart again. paper denim & cloth and seven's are also wonderful. and diesel. i take forever to get ready. i can never decide what to wear. i spend way more time than i should trying to look nice.

I HATE THE COLD, but i love the snow. i know it doesn't make any sense -- but living in oklahoma it gets so cold year after year and it never snows as much as i would like it to. if i'm going to have to endure the cold i better have something amazing like snow to make it worthwhile.

I LISTEN TO A LOT OF BANDS that you've probably never heard of but will probably someday soon. fall out boy is my favorite band and probably always will be. i don't care what you have to say about them, they're my friends and i'll always support them. i have their backs until the day i die.

I WISH I COULD SPEND every day of my life on tour. i've never felt more at home than i have when i'm on the road. there's just something about seeing a new place and meeting new friends every day that is just so comforting. i can't wait until i can get back out there.

I LOVE MY NEW FRIENDS // I MISS MY OLD FRIENDS. i love making people laugh. i love people that make me laugh. you can't put a price on happiness. i'll never take my friends for granted becuase i know what it's like to be alone.

I HATE EVERYTHING BANDWAGON. i refuse to give in to something stupid today that i'm going to regret tomorrow. if i'm going to the time to support something -- it's going to be something that i'll back for the rest of my life.

I LOVE NOTHING MORE than falling asleep with someone else in my arms. holding hands still gives me goosebumps. i prefer cuddling above just about everthing else. i'm pathetic like that -- get over it. i love the feeling of holding someone that i care about in my arms.

I LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and i hate being single -- but i've never jumped into a relationship just for the sake of being in one. the best things in life come to you when you least expect them -- relationships are no different. people should remember that.

I VALUE TRUTH ABOVE ALL THINGS. the truth may hurt initially but it's never as bad as a lie. trust is something that's easy to lose but very hard to regain. nobody likes a liar. it won't take you anywhere in life but down.

I LOVE MY FRIENDS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. i would be nothing without them. they've gotten me through some extremely low points and i'm forever in debt to them for that. i miss all of you dearly and i'm trying my best to see you all as soon as i possibly can.

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE people who tell the truth. as much as it may hurt, it's always better than a lie. if you share the same musical interests as me and like going to shows -- we're going to be great friends, but don't bother talking to me unless you're genuine (because we all hate fake people).

I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE -- anyone really. i love to meet new people. my life is online. contact me in any way you desire and we'll get to know each other. there's nothing like the feeling of making new friends.
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